It's officially been a whole year. Okay, well yesterday, but I did finish watching movies yesterday! I just have been a bit slow on the reviews - work is such a time suck!

But I accomplished what I set out to do and it feels pretty good! I've actually watched 189 movies total! That is pretty amazing for a non-professional, IMO. And I've learned a lot about movies and myself, as corny as that may sound. I actually learned that I like westerns. Well, at least for the most part. It's kind of weird that such a small, niche genre has so many movies. It's a genre that had its heyday before my time, but it might have a comeback soon with True Grit on the horizon. I still pretty much loathe musicals, although I do appreciate them more. They're always a bit too long and over dramatic for me. Or if they're comedies, I don't really laugh that much. As for horror movies? I love the classics, but I didn't really delve into the modern day horror films, like the torture porn movies - Hostel, Saw, in particular. Maybe someday, but I still think I won't ever find that stuff entertaining at all.

But I won't just stop here, I've loaded up my queue and have been skimming 501 Must See Movies every once in a while for suggestions. I'm always willing to give a movie a shot if someone recommends it. As for the last reviews? They're coming but you can expect them to be fairly short and sweet!

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