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Tomorrow: Cat Spay-A-Thon

Several of my brothers (fraternal, not familial) are addicted to a certain online roleplaying game. I don't understand this affliction. Sure, I used to play D&D, I even enjoyed it. That was a long time ago. But after finally "levelling up" your nomadic, elvish woman druid for the twentieth time, you start to realize you need to get out. Meet real people instead of NPCs in the game (and if you don't understand that last term, then you fail the "Are you a nerd?" test. Sadly, I think I'm 46% nerd. But at least I can say I've never studied Klingon as an actual language).

And then again, I sit here and make fun of these guys playing way too much of an online game while I am currently blowing heads off monsters in Resident Evil 4 or posting to my blog. Maybe we should just embrace the inner nerd in all of us. I really think that nerds all across the country have been treated unfairly. Civil rights have not gone far enough. Nerds are stereotyped in movies, television and even in children's books. Where are the nerd heroes? Revenge of the Nerds had something right. Those guys over at Lambda Lambda Lambda won the hearts of those cute sorority girls. Revenge truly was a civil rights movie.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that we all have our secret obsession. Whether it's Star Trek, Barbie or cats. Although cat people are weird. I do own a cat, but I don't think I could ever buy one of those cat calendars or that "Hang In There!" poster. Those people creep me out, especially the obsessed dog people in the movie Best In Show. Now those people are crazy and yet no one seems to care that they live right next door.

But speaking of pets, my cat is currently in heat. And it is driving me crazy. It certainly doesn't help when one of my brothers attempted to pick her up and accidently brushed by a certain private area. Obviously it was an accident, but this does not help to impress people. We had a parent reception this weekend for our new members and I was very tempted to introduce him as the resident cat molester. I think that would stir up some interesting conversation. I certainly think it would improve the image of the house to the parents. I don't think our peers on campus would buy it, though. Some people are just too narrow-minded to think that cat molesters are anything but crazy, backwoods perverts. The one thing I have to say is grow up. But hope is near, because she is getting spayed very soon. Now if only I can find valium.


Why The Hell Not?

I hate blogs. Well, not hate, but I have a mild dislike for them. To me they are boring. Why am I writing one? Why the hell not? I just want to make people laugh. Or smile. Maybe just some reaction. Even if it's "This douchebag needs to stop talking." I'll take that. Because I'm an attention whore.

So you'll see posts on here when I feel like it.

And maybe you'll laugh.