The Best of 2013: The Best Around, Nothing's Gonna Keep Them Down

This is it - the final countdown! Cue the music! (Europe is playing in the background somewhere) I have to say, I was excited to get this list started and I had a hard time getting the top 5. Any one of these movies could have been number one. But I had to make choices which were very hard. These movies are worth repeat viewings for sure!


The Best of 2013: The First Five

After a long time scratching off titles and adding new ones all last year, I've decided upon my top 10. There are a few movies I've yet to see that could very well end up in my honorable mentions list, but I think the Top 10 here is my final statement for the year. As much as sequels dominated the box office in 2013, only two of them ended up in my top 10 compared to the 6 that are in the top 10 of 2013's box office. Which is awesome - there's been a healthy amount of original titles and a lot of them have been quality viewing. There were quite a few surprises as well - 3 of the top 10 weren't even on my most anticipated (4 if you're going by my original list).

The biggest thing that struck me this year was the theme of relationships - whether romantically or of the best friend variety. A lot of my favorite films dealt with deeply personal and troubled relationships. There were also a lot of great action and science fiction fare. Not surprising, coming from me, but I think there were a lot of reasons to love 2013 in film. Now on to the first five!


The Best of 2013: Mentioning of Honors

Between solid coming-of-age stories and epic superhero movies, 2013 had pretty much something for everyone. Well, at least it had everything for me. I'm a pretty easy going guy when it comes to movie watching. Some may say I'll watch anything. Well, it's true, much like my unhealthy appetite for all the foods, I really can't say no to a movie (unless it's one of those awful musicals where people sing and dance for no reason. Or most horror movies. Okay, so I do draw the line somewhere, but I'm pretty easy to please). It's no surprise that I found a lot of movies last year highly enjoyable. There were quite a few movies that I know I can watch again, if not a few times. I'm also a pretty positive dude - so I try to stay away from lists that involve the worst of...