The Most Anticipated Movies of 2011: Always looking ahead.

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2010 wasn't exactly a banner year for movies. Don't get me wrong, I loved quite a few movies this year, but looking back, most of the year's releases were largely forgettable. I'm still looking forward to a few holiday releases, namely Tron: Legacy and True Grit, but other than that? Toy Story 3 and Harry Potter were the big franchise highlights that carried the year. There weren't any really big surprises (as far as the box office is concerned) and there were definitely more disappointments this year than I can remember. Iron Man 2, Salt, Robin Hood, The Sorcerer's Apprentice are just a few movies that I personally was looking forward to that ended up being just okay. I wouldn't say those were bad movies, just expectations were fairly high and they didn't deliver. Then when the movies sucked, they sucked so hard that they, ummm, just blew. Physically impossible? Not for Sex and the City 2, Grown Ups, Percy Jackson and Edge of Darkness.

This agonizingly slow year only has me salivating for 2011 already. I keep trying to read up on movies coming out next year, but sadly, the interwebs don't do justice to what is going to be, I think, a great, if not awesome year in movies. Sometimes the buildup to a movie is just as great as watching it. That's why I love movie trailers - they're little nuggets of joy that help build up that anticipation. Sometimes the trailers are so much better than the actual movie (Terminator: Salvation, anyone?). So, like a good striptease, I'm starting slow and building up to list the 50 MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIES OF 2011! Yes, I think there is a potential for 50 really good to great to mind-numbingly awesome movies that quite possibly will blow some socks and other garments off your face. Obviously some of these movies are going to be just guesses as we can only gather so much information about a movie until it's out - especially those that aren't coming out until later in the summer or next holiday. But I think all of these movies have a chance at greatness. I'm sure some will disappoint and hopefully there will be a bevy of surprises that won't even be on this list! Who knows? 2011 can, at it's worst, be better than this year.