182: A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men (R) - 1992 - Runtime: 138 minutes
Starring: Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore
Director: Rob Reiner

I had always thought this movie was just a dull, military legal procedural movie that was probably dated. But Kevin Bacon was in it and, honestly, it's one of his few movies that I'm at all interested in seeing. Part of the deal with this project was to watch six Bacon movies (Maggie's idea, not mine!) and so far, I've only managed to watch one! So imagine my surprise when the movie wasn't at all dated (except for Demi Moore's haircut, yeesh!) and was fully engaging throughout the two plus hours.

For those who didn't grow up in the early nineties or haven't heard the phrase "You can't handle the truth!" the movie stars Cruise as a young, brash and very cocky lawyer (this seems to be mostly what Cruise plays in all his movies, which I started to notice after this one - Cocktail, The Color of Money, Top Gun, The Firm, Risky Business, Rain Man, Jerry Maguire. Seriously, it's harder not to find a movie where he's not a young, cocky and brash). And he gets to test his mettle against a case that involves fellow soldiers taking orders to kill a fellow soldier. It's pretty heavy stuff, but nothing to crazy to wrap your head around. It's a great plot that sets up for some good characters. You can tell this movie was based on a play because of all the staging and emphasis on the dialogue. But that's not a bad thing - it just makes for some wonderful lines (duh!) and great acting. Tom Cruise is great and Jack Nicholson is at his best. Hell, even Demi Moore is pretty good. If it was playing on a rainy afternoon, I'd probably sit down and watch it again!

So all in all, I was really surprised how much I loved this movie. It was really, really good and totally the opposite of what I expected. So kudos, Aaron Sorkin. Well played.

Rating: Own It!

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