182: Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine (R) - 2010 - Runtime: 100 minutes?
Starring: John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, Clark Duke
Director: Steve Pink

I was hotly (yes, hotly!) anticipating this movie - I was gonna pay money for it, but lo and behold! Maggie got us some free tickets to a screening last night! And holy hell, this movie was effin' hysterical! It's by the same guys who wrote Sex Drive (a very underrated comedy from 2008) and She's Out of My League, one of my favorite movies so far this year! They've been batting a thousand in my mind, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Sean Anders and John Morris have in store for us in the future!

John Cusack pretty much reprises his role from a host of eighties movies. But instead of having a happy ending and getting the girl, Adam is too much of a jerk to sustain any kind of relationship, whether it be with the women in his life or his friends. Okay, dull! Right? Sorry, I'll finish this quick - somehow Adam gets together with his old high school buddies (and one severely isolated man-boy that is Adam's nephew), somehow managing to travel back to 1986 via hot tub. And hilarity ensues. I don't know where to begin - it's just a crude movie (in the good sense of crude, watch for lots of bodily fluid jokes, albeit done in good taste! Not really, though) with a bit of heart. But it all meshes together pretty well to make a funny movie. It's great because like The Hangover, you're compelled to travel along with these lovable dinguses to find out what they can do to change their misfortunes, which basically started on the very same weekend in 1986!

Rob Corddry is great as the insane and wild Lou who knows nothing except for sex and alcohol. Craig Robinson, perhaps one of the funniest dudes working in H-wood today, is great, too. And Cusack is pretty good. Maggie said this must be his idea of redemption from making 2012. Funn-ee! The only thing that I could conceivably say bad about this movie is under-utilizing Clark Duke (from Sex Drive, the aforementioned great comedy from 2008. See it!). It's a problem of his character, really. He's pretty much the straight guy (along with Cusack, but even more so) who gets some good lines, but never really has a chance to be awesome like I know the guy is. Too bad, but otherwise a great, great movie! There's some great running jokes (Crispin Glover as the one-armed bellhop is too much!) and I hope it does well, these guys need to keep pumpin' out the funny.

I would pay money to see this. Twice! It's that good! Go see it this weekend!

Rating: See It!

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