182: All About Steve

All About Steve (PG-13) - 2009 - Runtime: 99 minutes
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper, Thomas Haden Church
Director: Phil Traill

Arrrggh! This movie couldn't have been done sooner! It was horrible! Here I thought - Hey! I like Bradley Cooper, he's a pretty good actor (and easy on the eyes, too) and Sandra Bullock! I loved her in The Proposal (and she's easy on the eyes, too! I mean, did you see that almost nude scene in The Proposal? - Wow! Smokin' for a forty-five year old! Okay a bit off track, here) - so I thought this would be a fun little romantic comedy that made me feel all gushy inside, like all good romantic comedies do. But no, instead it's a horrible, absurd comedy that doesn't really end on a happy, romantic note! And they even manage to fug up Sandra Bullock (that hair is god-awful!) in the process!

So the premise is Mary Horowitz, a crossword puzzle maker (I know, right? Already with the absurdness!) who can't find a man because she's a bit weird. But not too weird that she's not likable, just really annoying. Okay, maybe a bit unlikeable. And she's all alone until she meets Steve and instantly falls in love. After a brief first date in which she tries to initiate awkward sex, Steve leaves and Mary takes it upon herself to stalk him wherever his news reporter goes to get stories. They go to several different places - most of them ridiculous scenarios (a baby is born with a third leg, a whole band of orphans fall into an abandoned mine). And then SPOILER ALERT! she doesn't end up with Steve! Absurd! I guess we're supposed to get the message that it's okay to be yourself and weird is fine and you don't need a man to be happy? END SPOILER ALERT!

Dunno about you, but this one stunk big time. No wonder the release date kept getting pushed back!

Rating: Avoid Like the Plague

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