182: Up in the Air

Up in the Air (R) - 2009 - Runtime: 109 minutes
Starring: George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick
Director: Jason Reitman

This movie deserves all the accolades it's getting. It's an expertly crafted movie - one that tugs on your heartstrings, makes you laugh all at the same time while occasionally making you think about the big questions concerning life, love and work. That's a pretty bold statement - it's not that Up in the Air brings anything new to the table - it's just so well done and acted that you get caught up in Ryan Bingham's life as he travels all around the country.

I will also say, Jason Reitman is batting a thousand. He's three for three - Thank You For Smoking and Juno were amazingly wonderful and Up in the Air is no different. Somehow he knows how to make you laugh and connect with the characters (although he didn't write Juno, he still captured the writing in the best possible way). So kudos, Mr. Reitman! I'm sure this movie will get nominated for best picture and it's well deserved.

Ryan Bingham has a very loathsome job - he takes care of firing people when other companies don't feel like messing with it. It's very topical for 2009 - some of it may strike a few chords with movie goers. And although this is what the movie is about - traveling from one destination to another, firing people - the movie is more about Ryan's relationships that are formed during these trips. Two in particular - and they have a drastic effect on his life. I won't get into much detail because it's just fun to go and sit and watch something without too much expectations. I will say though, this movie is worth watching over and over again. Sometimes when I sit down and write a review, I start thinking about the movie and then I start wanting to watch it again. This is one of those movies.

Rating It: See It

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