182: Harold & Maude

Harold and Maude (PG) - 1971 - Runtime: 91 minutes
Starring: Ruth Gordon, Bud Cort
Director: Hal Ashby

This is a cult classic that has found its way into many movie lovers' hearts. Maggie absolutely loves this movie (she watched it when she was only, like, 9!) and it's one of the many connections she shares with her two sisters. So I brought it home one day and she was super excited for me to finally see something that she grew up with.

This is a quirky movie. I feel like some people just won't get it and others it will just click. With me, it clicked. I enjoyed the humor and two main characters immensely. Harold is a rich kid who enjoys faking his own suicide because, well, he just doesn't like living. And Maude is a very free spirit, living life to the fullest despite her age. Somehow, they manage to meet and Harold is completely intrigued by her crazy antics and bubbly personality. He falls in love with her and their unusual relationship blossoms. It's a very unique tale about love and relationships. One in the twilight of her years and the other just beginning his best years. It's a fun little movie that only gets better I would think with repeat viewings.

And the soundtrack is spectacular! Cat Stevens does all the songs and, well, he's Cat Stevens, so it's all excellent. I really, really enjoyed this movie - funny and sad and just, well, fun!

Rating: Own It!

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