Most Anticipated: Wrath of the Titans

33. Wrath of the Titans (PG-13) - Runtime: 99 minutes
Starring: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Rosamund Pike
Director: Jonathan Liebesman

I don't think I was as harsh on Clash of the Titans like a lot of other people were (it currently has a 5.8 user rating on IMDb). It was highly entertaining and provided "Release the Kraken" into mainstream culture (that phrase may have jumped the shark, but it's still a pretty good line to use for jokes!). So for all of its flaws, you can't deny it had some good action. And when the movie did major business, it was no surprise that a sequel was in the works. I'm grateful that this sequel tanked at the box office because that means we won't be seeing another unnecessary sequel, but it's not like I didn't have fun with this movie. In fact, I think this movie was superior to the original in a number of ways.

The movie follows Perseus once again. This time having forsaken his birthright as a god and deciding to lead a normal human life, Perseus is called into action. When Hades strikes a deal with his titan father Kronos, all hell will literally break loose. And it's up to Perseus to fight for the gods and for humanity. It's a very simple plot with the action driving most of the movie forward. There isn't as many iconic moments like the last film had - no cutting off Medusa's head or Kraken bashing, but what the movie lacks in inspiring action scenes it makes up for in character development.

Yes, you heard me, characters actually have an arc and I really liked how the story was told. Perseus has another journey to go through - one of acceptance of his place in the world and one of being a father. And Zeus and Hades finally come to accept each other as brothers and smoke a peace pipe and sing Kumbayah. It doesn't really get that heavy; after all this is just an action movie, but it was a nice change of pace. Nobody's going to win any acting awards, but everyone did a nice job and Bill Nighy gets to make an appearance and ham it up for twenty or so minutes.

The action was all around solid and I really enjoyed the prison realm of Tartarus. If only the movie had more of these moments I might have enjoyed the film more. Like the first movie, Wrath limps to the finish. There's something anti-climactic about how they've filmed the last battle. It's similar to Clash where Perseus has to ride a Pegasus to confront a giant beast (in this case, Kronos) but the way it's done, I was yawning - just like last time! You're left wondering, "That's it? Hell, I could do Perseus' job for him." When the audience is having these thoughts, maybe it's best you rewrite the ending so at least it seems challenging. In no sense did I really think Perseus as a god - he just stabs things and flies into things. Big deal, I can do that if I had a Pegasus.

The biggest misstep is Andromeda. It's not like her character was unnecessary, but they throw in this romantic angle and at the end Perseus kisses her which comes out of nowhere! Woah Woah Woah, Perseus, you horndog! Just because Miss Andromeda looks good in a suit of armor, does not mean she's asking you for some tongue wrestling. I know us men can read the wrong signals, but chain-mail is not Ancient Greece's answer to the modern day thong. That "romance" scene is completely random and there's really no indication there was some sort of connection between them. Just because there's a good looking woman in the movie doesn't mean she needs to hook up with the lead dude. I was really bummed they decided to go there.

Whatever, this movie was okay. I'm not going to see it ever again, that's for sure. But I had fun watching it. If you at least enjoyed the first movie, you'll end up enjoying this one. It's not a memorable movie, but it's a fun action flick that doesn't wear out its welcome.

Rating: Rent It!

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