Twofer Thursday: Buried & Moon

Twofer Thursday:
Offering up a new release and a complimentary older movie for the upcoming weekend. I have pretty good taste, so you should just follow my advice.

Buried (R) 
Starring: Ryan Reynolds
Director: Rodrigo Cort├ęs
Here's two movies that rely solely on the performance of one actor. Buried is not going to blow your mind with plot twists and surprises, but the film succeeds in creating a palpable thrill even though it takes place entirely in a coffin buried underground. Ryan Reynolds, convincingly the sexiest man alive, is a terrific actor who does not get the credit he deserves, talent-wise. I would not be surprised if he lands an Oscar nomination in the next few years (it just takes the right role). But audiences love him and here he's crafted quite a powerful performance. It's amazing what the movie can do with just one guy, a cell phone, a pen and the occasional snake. The movie creates a very good sense of claustrophobia - we're left in the dark physically and mentally - there isn't a whole lot of exposition and we're left to guess what's really happening outside the coffin. The movie does have a few surprises (the company phone call where he subsequently gets fired is both shockingly funny and sad all at once) and the ending will either enrage you or leave your mouth agape. It's a thoroughly engrossing movie from start to finish.

Moon (R)
Starring: Sam Rockwell
Director: Duncan Jones
I've reviewed this movie earlier for Project 182 and I still consider it one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. It's not only a great story and Sam Rockwell gives a great performance, but the tiny details and mood of the movie are what's best about this ode to 2001 and  many other great science fiction movies. The robot voiced by Kevin Spacey is classic and all of the shots outside the space station are beautiful and eerie. This movie will have you guessing what's real and what's not - and that can mostly be attributed to Rockwell. It's destined to be a classic in the genre and I cannot wait to see what Duncan Jones has in store next.

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