Notable Tuesday Releases

Starring: Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel
Director: Greg Berlanti

We didn't get this movie in on time so I didn't get a chance to watch this movie. But you can pretty much guess from the trailers if you're going to like it or not. It's pretty much a cookie cutter romantic comedy - so it boils down to the comedy and actors. I personally loathe Katherine Heigl - not so much as an actress, but as a person. She's come off in interviews as a holier-than-thou jagweed. But Josh Duhamel, he's a solid actor (plus he's easy on the eyes, am I right, ladies?). So they pretty much cancel each other out. Which means it's probably just okay.

Starring: Kate Featherston, Micah Sloat
Director: Tod Williams

Another movie that we didn't get in on time, Paranormal Activity 2 seems pretty much more of the same. I'm not one for these kinds of movies, but if you've seen the first one, you'll probably enjoy this one just as much. Although unlike most horror sequels, this movie is actually a prequel! Surprise! But you know this franchise isn't going away until they've milked every penny out of it. So expect Paranormal Activity 10:  Supernaturally Scary coming to theaters in 2018!

Starring: Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis
Director: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck

Now this was a funny and sincerely heartfelt movie. Zach Galifianak plays a much more somber character and is absolutely brilliant as a depressed young father. Kier Gilchrist plays the troubled teen who thinks his life is spiraling downwards and checks himself into an adult psychiatric ward. There's great chemistry between him and Zach and there's lots of great moments in the movie - especially when they get the whole ward together to play Queen's "Under Pressure" for the hospital. I highly recommend this one!

Rating: Rent It!

Starring: Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis
Director: Andy Fickman

If you like a sterile, Disney PG comedy that teaches you morals that you already know, than You Again is for you! I'm sure some will find it cute, but the jokes fall flat (there's a lot of dumb, physical comedy) and even the great Betty White can't save this dreadful comedy. Kristen Bell plays a gal who had a horrible experience in high school and wants to forget about it. But her brother is marrying the girl who made her life a personal hell. And hilarity ensues (well, not really). I wish they would have taken this movie to a darker edge - like Election. But it's Disney, so we're stuck with this lame comedy.

Rating: Not Worth Paying For!

Other Releases

Starring: Max Thieriot, John Magaro
Director: Wes Craven

Uggh, what a mess of a movie. It's a good premise: seven kids were born on the same day a serial killer supposedly gets killed. There is some convoluted myth surrounding his death/disappearance, but it's never fully explained and that pretty much sums up the whole movie. A lot of stuff (yeah, it's too boring to go into detail) happens and I couldn't follow all the slang the kids were throwing around. The high school dynamic and power structure was weird and I didn't understand why this girl was in charge of the whole school. It's pretty dumb throughout so I'd stay away from this one.

Rating: Avoid Like the Plague!

Starring: Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi
Director: George Gallo

A story about literally the middle men who get between your dollar and your porn on the internet. It's a crazy, R-rated, boob-filled romp all carefully narrated by Luke Wilson, the center of the operation. It's a story that involves two boneheaded geniuses, a Russian mob boss, the FBI and porn stars. It's a very messy plot, but it's easy enough to follow because of the narration. It's an enjoyable story from start and Giovanni Ribisi is particularly great as one of said geniuses. I highly recommend this one if you don't mind boobs.

Rating: Rent It!

Starring: Tony Jaa
Director: Panna Rittikrai, Tony Jaa

Ong Bak is bak! For a third time the martial artist looks for revenge? I guess, I don't know, I haven't seen any of these movies - but I'm guessing if you enjoyed the last two, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying the new one. I expect Tony Jaa to not just jump off of one elephant, but two this time! Nay! I demand it!

Starring: Josh Duhamel, Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin
Director: Galt Niederhoffer

This movie has a great cast and wonderful style. The tone and look of the movie is absolutely beautiful. But what it has in style, it lacks in substance. There's a desperate, nostalgic vibe to this movie - college friends get together to celebrate the wedding of a certain scandalous couple. Apparently, Josh Duhamel had dated Katie Holmes all throughout college and suddenly ditches her for Anna Paquin. And they're getting married now, but there are still unresolved issues between all of these self-proclaimed (yeah, they're that douchey to call their own little group "The Romantics!"). But by the end of the movie, nothing ever gets resolved! Yeah, it's all artsy and ambiguous at the end, which normally I don't mind, but there's no difference between all of the characters from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie. There's absolutely no character development and the audience is left to ponder the meaning of it all. Frankly, it's a pretentious, dealing-wit- you- 30s bullcrap movie. Reality Bites was way better.

Rating: Not Worth Paying For!

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