The Best & Worst So Far: Part II

Back again tonight with what I consider to be the worst of 2010. Once again, this list is comprised only of movies that I've seen. I usually skip the really bad ones (or at least what I've been told are really bad). Mostly these are just poorly made family films - The Tooth Fairy, The Spy Next Door - or they're just trying too hard to be funny or melodramatic - Our Family Wedding, Dear John, Remember Me. Granted I haven't seen these movies, but it's safe to say that I know I won't like them. They may find an audience, but the general consensus is that they're not worth your time.

So on to the worst!

Leap Year
This was by far one of the worst romantic comedies in the past few years. Things just did not click and their just wasn't enough story and chemistry. It wasn't really that cute nor funny. I think the idea was solid, but that hook - asking the guy to marry you on Leap Year - was all the writers had. It was their trump card into getting this movie green lit and they just couldn't figure out how to write a decent story around that hook.

Edge of Darkness
Mel Gibson has done a couple of these movies (Ransom, Payback), so why go back to this very niche story? I guess he needed a paycheck, because this one was awful. It wasn't a smart thriller and it was completely devoid of any emotion. And it was set in Boston. I'm getting sick of that city - but it seems like Hollywood hasn't. And Gibson's very thick and very fake Boston accent was too distracting. This movie was painfully dull.

When in Rome
This movie seemed like I would really like it: I like Kristen Bell, the concept seemed like it would be really funny and the trailer at least made it look decent. But instead, this was so, so bad. The movie was trying to sell itself as a romantic comedy for an older crowd, while still trying to please the tween crowd also. It ended up being a mess and not very funny. I think there was a good movie hiding in the idea, but it was just so badly executed and lame.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
I really had no idea what this movie was going to be like. I really thought it might have some potential, but instead it was not exciting and the everything about it was flat and stale. I thought at least it might spark an interest in the books that it's based upon, but the movie turned me off to that idea completely. I don't think it's just the movie, but the source material also. I just didn't like what they did with Greek mythology and the characters on screen were so one dimensional and lacking any real depth to them. I think if I was ten years old I might enjoy it, but above that age limit, you'll find a completely awful movie.

Alice in Wonderland
Talk about ADD. This movie was a sloppy mess and was such a disappointment. I liked the idea: Alice going back into Wonderland to help the inhabitants and learn a few lessons of her own. But instead, the movie is basically one set piece after another and Johnny Depp is way too much. The movie is more about the Mad Hatter than it is about Alice. Plus, the movie wasn't at all exciting and the climactic battle scene was so lame and not at all exciting. I'm pretty sure this one will be largely forgotten as time goes on.

Sex and the City 2
There's already been some great parodies and very funny reviews of Sex and the City out there, so I won't waste too much time on this one. Just that it was above and beyond the worst movie I've seen this year. This takes the cake - they took a franchise that a lot of people love and just crapped all over it, to be quite disgusting and frank. It's a horrendous example of Hollywood decadence and quick and cheap cash-ins. Part of me wants them to do a third movie just to see how bad it will be, but at the same time, I don't think I could stand another two hours of diarrhea-inducing "comedy."

As much as I love putting these lists together, I do think that there are far more decent to great movies out there every year than there are bad ones. I'm a movie lover and when I hear someone complain about how there isn't anything good out anymore, it makes me want to punch them in the face. There's a ton of good movies out there! I think people just want to think that when they grew up, they were in the "golden age" of cinema. Bull crap. There was just as much bad movies back then as there are now, but certainly there have always been a lot of good movies to come out also, every single year. What's funny about those people is that they come into my store every week or two and rent movies. I just smile and take their money.

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