182: Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2 (R) - 2010 - Runtime: 146 minutes
Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall
Director: Michael Patrick King

I won't add too many words to what is already becoming the worst movie of 2010. I don't consider myself a fan of the show or the movie, but they were enjoyable and fun distractions. Pure entertainment. So I actually didn't mind that they were forging ahead with the next movie, despite the fact that everything wrapped up pretty nicely in the last movie. I think the characters a so well developed that I didn't mind seeing what would happen next. God, was I wrong. This movie takes a big ol' dump on the show and the movie and what they established with the characters.

The plot is pretty outrageous as it gets - Carrie whines a lot about her aging - she wants to be forever 21 and the rest of the girls have some problems, too. But for some reason, they're big enough to justify going all the way to the middle east for some R&R. There's a lot of side plots and distractions along the way that don't really go anywhere, but just add more noise to this movie. It's utterly dull and I found the characters becoming just flat caricatures of themselves by the end of the movie where they need to rush to the airport in order to not sit coach, which is the ugliest sins of all, apparently. So yeah, the movie is as bad as everyone has said and you don't need to watch it because it'll ruin the memory you had watching those four gal pals sexin' it up in the city. It's kind of like when Brett Favre retired. Much sadness ensued, but next year, we saw him again in a different uniform and it pretty much ruined his legacy - it's not like he's winning MVP awards or Super Bowls for that matter. And he did that twice! Let's just hope they get the message and bury this franchise before it gets even worse.

Rating: Avoid Like the Plague!

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