182: Persepolis

Persepolis (PG-13) - 2007 - Runtime: 96 minutes
Voiced by: Sean Penn, Iggy Pop, Gena Rowlands
Director: Vincent Paronnaud, Marjane Satrapi

Ahh, what a refreshing tale. I was suggested this by my sister-in-law, who has good taste, so I couldn't refuse. She lent Maggie a copy of the graphic novel the movie is based on, you can read her review here. It's a quirky comedy that takes on a lot of serious issues, but it does it so well that at times your laughing and other times your tearing up just a bit. It's a fun movie, but has layers to it, also. It's a story about growing up and never forgetting your heritage.

Marji is growing up in the late 70s in Iran. She watches as the Iranian Revolution takes over her country. In place of a ruling dictator, Iran's government has now been taken over by Islamic Fundamentalists. Marji soon moves away from Iran, only to be drawn back in because she can never abandon her cultural identity. I have always found the Middle East to be a confusing mess of culture, religion and politics and have never really delved too deep into its history. But here's a movie that's very open and honest about Iran and its own culture - and it was very engaging and informative. And although the movie has a modern, western idealism to it, it's never condescending of Iran and it never talks down to the audience, either. But as much as I loved the information, I absolutely loved Marji. She's such a conflicted character and, much like another animated foreign picture, Waltz With Bashir, she can never forget her past and family.

The movie is funny, too! Marji is cute as a little kid whose ideals about modern culture are clashing with the new regime. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a more substantial comedy than just dick and fart jokes!

Rating: Rent It!

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