182: Funny Girl

Funny Girl (G) - 1968 - Runtime: 151 minutes
Starring: Barbara Streisand, Omar Sharif
Director: William Wyler

This movie is about the life and times of Fannie Brice and I could care less. Uggh, this movie was just so, umm, not up my alley. I stopped paying attention after the first half hour. I really did not care about Fannie's rise to fame. She seemed to eager and bratty to me and her comedy wasn't exactly gut-busting.

The plot is simple enough: Fannie wants to be a star and she gets her break like right away and ends up being a superstar practically overnight! It's completely ridiculous, and of course, she falls for a hunk of a man, played by Sharif. Of course, they're meant for each other, but not really. I was actually quite surprised by that relationship's ending, because it was entirely realistic as opposed to the rest of the film. But talk about dull! And the music and dance numbers really didn't take off with me. It doesn't help that I have zero interest in Streisand. This is the movie that launched her movie career after finding success in music and theater. But I just didn't connect with her, hence my indifference to this movie.

The biggest problem I had was it's length. After the first thirty minutes, I realized there was two more hours and just rescinded myself to distracting myself until it was over. This is the only time I have done this while watching a movie and I figured it was okay just this once! If you love musicals, you'll probably adore this one and if you don't, like myself, make sure to avoid!

Rating: Not Worth Paying For!

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