182: Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction (R) - 1987 - Runtime: 119 minutes
Starring: Michael Douglas, Glenn Close
Director: Adrian Lyne

Yeah, I've never seen this movie. And Maggie was super stoked for me to see this. Although the ending was spoiled when I watched BJD (arrgghh! Damn you Bridget Jones!),  it still was a pretty intense watch. Mainly because Glenn Close can play psycho so well.

Okay, let's just get this out of the way. You really have to suspend disbelief in this movie because Michael Douglas' wife (played by the lovely Anne Archer - who's still hotter than Close, just check out her scene in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. In fact, that's the only scene you should watch in that movie) is smokin' (well, as far as smokin' can go in the 80s) hot! And Glenn Close, well, let's just say I physically shouted YIKES! when they revealed her face. She looked like a circus freak in the first scene. You know, the scene where Michael Douglas (Dan Gallagher) is supposed to cream his pants for her? I mean, there is no way that he could possibly be attracted to this when he goes home to this. I mean, he cheats on her when she's only been gone for one day!

So just go with it because you won't find a better psychopathic movie. Sure there's some fairly good imitations (The Crush) but mostly it's just awful (Obsessed), but nothing will top this R-rated thriller. It's pretty good and Glenn Close most definitely deserved her Oscar nomination. And even though I knew how things were going to turn out, it was still pretty intense and oh man, that poor bunny! Bitch had it comin' after that!

The only really unfortunate thing about this movie is, well, it really hasn't aged that well. It's such an 80s film. It screams 80s, with the bad haircuts, the oversized t-shirts and the general lack of fashion sense. Hell, their kid in the movie looks like a boy. But it's not! It's a girl! But you wouldn't know if they hadn't said girl at some point in the movie - I couldn't tell if they were saying Ellen or Alan. I like to believe that secretly,  the Gallaghers just want to mess with their kid's head. Trying to confuse her gender is dangerous, but it was the 80s, so they have a valid excuse.

All in all - check out the granddaddy of all the bitch-gone-crazy movies if you haven't already. It's worth your time, just don't expect a shred of believability with Dan - he's really not the smartest guy in the world.

Rating: Rent It!

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