182 Movies in One Year

I'm stealing this idea from my wife, Maggie. Her ambitious project is to read 100 books in 1 year. She got the idea from a site I do not frequent, Pajiba (feel free to follow the link - they're pretty crazy over there). So I'm deciding to embark upon a noble quest: watch 182 movies in one year. When I was first mulling over the idea, I thought 100 was too low. I was thinking 500. Then I did the math. I don't think I could watch 1.37 movies per day! So 182 feels right - one movie every other day (with one day to spare!). I know this would sound lightweight for a professional movie critic. But I'm not a professional.


First of all, I love movies. I watch a ton of movies anyway, probably about 100 movies in any given year. Second, I work at Blockbuster, so this isn't going to be a strain on my wallet at all. Third, I work at Blockbuster. And I haven't seen a vast number of classic and cult classic movies. I once got yelled at (literally!) by a customer for not having seen The Godfather. All I can say to him now is "Sorry...I guess I'm the bad guy." Fourth, for fun! And the challenge. I want to be knowledgable about a lot of movies and have fun doing it so this seemed like a good way for me to accomplish that goal.


I'm going to lay down a few ground rules and I will start tomorrow (Sunday, July 5th).

Rule #1: All new movies. Any movie I have already seen will not count! This includes any new movies that I may re-watch during this one year (i.e. Harry Potter 6 I'm definitely seeing more than once!)

Rule #2: Movies have to be in a variety of genres. I will break down the list as this:

1. Classics (35) - The term classic is very subjective for each person, but I'm going with AFI's Top 100 from 2007.
2. Cult Classics (15) - Once again, very subjective. I'm sticking to EW's Top 50 list.
3. Suggestions (25) - I'm taking any and all suggestions. Please comment anytime, facebook me or send me an email @ colinwkelly@gmail.com (although I do get veto rights on suggestions - but I'm limiting myself to only 3 vetos).
4. Book Adaptations (15) - Some of the best movies are based on books. It does not matter whether I've read the book or not (I will let you know!).
5. Foreign (15) - It's easy to let this genre slip by, so I'm making sure I get a healthy dose.
6. Horror (10) - I do not like watching horror movies (there are a few exceptions, like 28 Days Later), so I'm making sure I put enough on this list!
7. Western (10) - Same as #6, I want to be fair, here!
8. Musicals (5) - I really despise musicals, so I think I'm being very generous with 5!
9. Documentaries (5) - I really love a good documentary, but I thought I would put this on here just so I make sure to watch at least 5.
9. Kevin Bacon (6) - Maggie came up with this one and I thought it was pretty clever.
11. Maggie's Pick (1) - Maggie gets one movie that I absolutely must see.

This equals 137 movies! That leaves me with 40 movies for me to randomly choose or any that I'm going to see anyway.

Rule #3: I will be posting a review/critique of each movie that I see. I will have a rating system - one that I will be tinkering with tonight and tomorrow for my first movie! I will have a running list of movie suggestions on the page and also a movie checklist.

I really hope people enjoy this and feel free to comment me whenever to argue the merits (or demerits) of any movie! I'm looking forward to being challenged!

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