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Nightcrawler wins a tight race at the box office
  • Trying to atone for his past movie crimes, Jake Gyllenhaal terrorized the box office this weekend with the thriller Nightcrawler, taking in $10,909,000. Just nine thousand more dollars than second place finisher Ouija. This just confirms that creepy men with handheld camcorders will always outsell creepy boardgames from the nineteenth century. Always.
Fast and Furious 7 Trailer is here
  • Officially titled Furious 7 according to the trailer (don't even get me started on the naming logic of this particular franchise) - the new F&F film looks once again to make sure our yearly quota of cars skydiving out of airplanes and semis being overturned on empty highways in the desert gets filled. But honestly? I'm there opening day.
Terminator Genisys reboot details
  • Deciding to not only take just one Schwarzenegger hit movie and reboot, but include others like Kindergarten Cop - Paramount is taking a big risk on retelling the original story. Apparently Arnie's T-800 is essentially raising Sarah Connor on his own and there's two plotlines - one in the future and one in the present day. As soon as they post an amazing trailer, we'll get our hopes up only to see them die a horrible death onscreen when we realize that there really cannot ever be another good Terminator movie.
Michael Bay to get final word on Benghazi controversy
  • Keeping his promise of delivering small-scale budgeted movies after numbing our senses with too much lens flare and explosions with a Transformers movie - Michael Bay is eyeing 13 Hours - a book adaptation about the Benghazi attack in 2012. Hopefully this won't end up becoming a joke in a South Park episode like his last historical movie:

  • No this is not an Onion article. Soon we might be getting Superbad 2 starring Oscar nominees Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen. This is the reality we're facing, folks.
Oh yeah and

  • Yeah, this is old news. But Idris Elba dropped a knowledge bomb. If you don't care about spoilers and want to know more - check out this Daily Beast article. Conclusion: Marvel made every comic book fan and superhero movie fan's dream come true.

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