2013's Most Anticipated: A Good Day to Die Hard

21. A Good Day to Die Hard (R) - Runtime: 97 minutes
Starring: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch
Director: John Moore
Writer: Skip Woods

Although I missed five minutes of the movie and the subtitles didn't show up until twenty minutes into the movie, I at least got to enjoy (in a sense! I think most of the enjoyment was carry-over adrenaline from the previous four) most of the new Die Hard. To say I was excited was an understatement, after watching the previous four in a row, I was prepared to have some fun. And while A Good Day to Die Hard has it's moment (yes only one), it's the worst Die Hard movie and at best, a largely forgettable action movie.

To describe the plot of the new Die Hard would be a hard one to do. I certainly couldn't tell you what the Russians were talking about, not what happened exactly for 5 minutes during the opening half of the movie. But I can tell you it was pretty ho-hum. Nothing really stood out. At least there was a recognizable villain in Live Free or Die Hard. Here? I really forgot because everyone is Russian! And yeah, that's a bit racist, but not really because the movie doesn't try to hard to distinguish anyone from anyone. It's a mess of a plot and twists happen for the sake of twists!

And you know what? I couldn't care less about any of it! That's the biggest problem with this movie - I don't even care that much about John FRICKIN McClane! How bad is it? He's basically the main reason all hell breaks loose. Instead of hell breaking loose around him, McClane is the dumb middle-aged father who just happens to ruin covert CIA operations. And I could care even more less than his relationship with his son. It just seemed forced and lacking in any development.

Now for the action? It was fun, but I couldn't honestly tell you any particular scene. I remember a helicopter.... Anyway, it's an okay action film. I'm honestly really glad that the movie is bombing so bad at the box office - this movie should be a wake up call to the studio about how to not make a decent sequel.

I could go on and on about this movie, but it's pretty much laughable when compared to the original trilogy and a big step backwards for the franchise. A huge disappointment - I don't really think this is worth your time and money. It might be worth a free rental at best!

Rating: Not Worth Paying For!

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