2012: For Your Consideration, Part 2

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Your average Academy member
I just don't understand the Academy lately. I get the decision to open up the Best Picture category. But to not do the same with Best Director? Those two categories are intrinsically tied together more than any other two categories. So you know that whoever wins director is going to win Best Picture 90% of the time. It's only happened 7 times in the past 63 years. This takes all the excitement out of the buildup from the nominations announcement to the actual show. Right now you can eliminate four of the contenders for Best Picture. Part of this also has to do with the actual number of nominees: 9 pictures is just too much. They need to make the threshold a tiny bit smaller. I'd go with 7 nominees for Best Picture and Director - that way you can still acknowledge big time movies like Django Unchained while still not losing all credibility by nominating a movie like Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Plus I don't just get their nominations these past three to four years - they're all over the place. But that's another long post which I won't bore you with (at least, not now).

6. Prometheus
This was probably the most divisive film of last year. On one hand you have people that just couldn't get past the plot holes and boring story (at least boring to them). On the other, you have someone like me who enjoyed the tension and underlying themes present in the film. As a huge, huge Alien fan, I thought the movie provided a lot of insight into the universe Scott created and what Cameron and Fincher expanded upon in the two sequels (we will not mention the other cringe-worthy three movies in this franchise). I totally understand why people didn't like this movie - either expectations were misplaced or they simply found it a lazy movie. Both are valid points, but after seeing the film three times - I still think there's a lot to unpack - there's more questions than answers (which is kind of the point of this movie). I loved how you can get into honest debates with people on the theories presented in the movie. Plus the cast is fantastic - Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender are simply amazing in this one. Unlike any other film this year - Promethus had people talking long after the closing credits which in my opinion makes this a great movie.

5. 21 Jump Street
Comedy is hard to do right. And it's even harder to make a comedy that's almost universally loved. They come around only once every year or two. I think 21 Jump Street is right up there with other modern comedy classics like Superbad and The Hangover. The filmmakers were smart by not only making fun of itself for being a nostalgic movie remake while also flipping the conventions of a high school comedy (it's cool to be a geek now!). Plus you have the always charming Channing Tatum and Oscar nominated Jonah Hill headlining. And the best cameo in a movie since Zombieland. It's not only a funny movie, but the plot and action are solid as well. This is exactly what I love about movies and top to bottom, this was a great, great film. Of course the Academy absolutely loathes "broad" comedies like this (they can only take indie dramadies like Little Miss Sunshine and Juno), which is a shame, because 21 Jump Street will probably be remembered more fondly and have a greater impact on cinema than Amour ever will.

4. Magic Mike
Yes, Channing Tatum made my list twice. Who knew the dude from Step Up would be this amazing? I don't care what other people say - this was probably the most fun movie I saw last year. It's simply mesmerizing - and yes I'm talking about the stripping scenes. It doesn't hurt that the story itself isn't bad and filled with a lot of good actors. Steven Soderberg is on a hot streak right now and he definitely knows how to turn a somewhat dull premise into one of the most invigorating films. From the acting to the choreography, Magic Mike isn't a disappointment, it's a revelation. It's nice to be surprised by a film and this was certainly the most surprising of all the movies I saw last year. This movie had it all - a good plot, great acting and an amazing set of moves - but this movie was completely shut out of any love from the big time awards shows. It's too bad - this movie is already getting so much love that a sequel is already in talks and honestly, as soon as it gets greenlit - it will most definitely make my most anticipated list.

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