Review: Paranorman

Paranorman (PG) - Runtime: 92 minutes
Voiced By: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Anna Kendrick, Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Directors: Chris Butler, Sam Fell
Writer: Chris Butler

I couldn't muster up too much excitement for this movie. I love stop motion animation and thought Coraline was a brilliant movie, but everything I saw about this movie made me think "meh" and maybe I'll check it out on DVD. I'm happy I did, because this is a wonderful film that is one of the best animated movies to come out this year.

Norman can see dead people. But instead of being a family-friendly retread of The Sixth Sense, the movie is more of a homage to old school horror flicks and filled with a lot more action than any of Shyamalan's films. He's an outcast and is ridiculed, but soon finds out that his power to see dead people will be the only thing to save his small town from an evil witch. Where the film ultimately ends up is amazing - I did not see it coming and I thought it to be more fitting than some spectacular action sequence that would have been fun to watch, but less fulfilling.

The characters are charming and the voice work is excellent. I loved the side characters just as much as Norman. It has a lot of funny moments and the movie is well-paced. It has a great message along with the paying homage to horror films in a cute way. This movie hits all the right notes - it's worth watching!

Rating: Rent It!

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