Most Anticipated: Project X

24. Project X (R) - Runtime: 88 minutes
Starring: Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel
Director: Nima Nourizadeh

Uhhhhnnnnnnnnn, this movie was so, so disappointing! I was really fired up for this one! I really thought this would be a fun teenage, Risky Business/Superbad type of movie - just told through docu-drama style (which I hate BTW, but was willing to see this weird mashup of genres). Unfortunately, it's a mess of a movie with no real funny or fun parts to it. Instead, this movie just made me feel old as shit.

Normally I'm not a prude - I understand the need to party and get down. I love these types of movies - from Can't Hardly Wait to Superbad. These movies had fun characters you cared about and really, really funny jokes. Instead this movie is tired and played out - the movie takes forever to get started and when the party starts it instantly becomes the most epic party within 5 minutes! The movie then spirals out of control as it tries to keep one-upping itself. At one point the drug dealer comes looking for the kids with an Iron Man suit on and a flamethrower! Oh man that was so....so.... WTF?

This is certainly a cringe-inducing hot mess. It's really just an excuse to show off as many boobs as possible because there really wasn't any point to this movie. The kids get the respect they so admired and become instantly popular, but in so doing they have forfeited the right to live as a fully functioning adults (seriously, if you follow the path the movie takes, the main kid won't be able to go to college because he's too busy paying off the massive damage he's incurred and he won't get a decent job because he'll be a convicted felon). It's all really really sad, which leads me to a revelation I had during the movie.

At a couple points during the movie, there are flashes of self-awareness with the camera. There's a few montages of people partying, but they just look miserable and cracked out. Like they're not having a good time. And this happened enough during the movie that I thought maybe the film is trying to be anti-partying. And I thought, wow, that's brilliant! It all makes sense - this is a commentary on social status in high school and popularity, etc. etc. But then the movie reverts back to its BOOBS BOOZE DRUGS noise and ends on a completely hollow note that my whole revelation/theory collapses in on itself. Oh well.

Seriously, if you want to see topless women and people doing stupid and mean things to a harmless dog, by all means this is your movie! But if you're looking for a movie filled with decent characters, funny jokes and some semblance of a story, stay far far away from this movie!

Rating: Avoid Like the Plague!

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