The Dark Knight Rises Prologue Review!

Okay let's get straight to the point - I nabbed some tickets to see a preview screening of the opening few minutes of The Dark Knight Rises. It was showing at the Henry Ford IMAX in Dearborn - the only place in Michigan as far as I know. They handed out some swag (a cool black T-shirt that may or may not be recognizable as a cool Batman shirt) and we were only in the theater for maybe thirty minutes tops. And you know what? I cannot wait to find out what the hell I was watching.

The scene is mostly shot in IMAX and it's pretty gorgeous - there's lots of wide, sweeping camera angles of some country side (America? Africa? Uzbeki-beki-stan-stan? Does it matter?). It's a heist - in very similar fashion to Joker's famous entrance at the beginning of The Dark Knight. And much like that movie, you don't get to see the main villain's face until halfway through the scene. There's a lot of information (I think) to be had in this brief scene but not knowing the context of all that is happening only raises questions in my mind. But boy was it fun.

As far as memorable opening scenes, it's right up there with The Dark Knight. I would say what happens on that plane ride and the subsequent heist of said plane was completely nuts and over the top. But as far as revealing the bad guy? Ehhh, not so much. It's not that I have a problem with how they introduced Bane, because it plays out like The Dark Knight. But either Tom Hardy is going to have to redo some scenes or they're going to have to clear up the audio because sitting through Bane's lines was pretty awful.

And that's the main problem I had while watching it. It's like my friend Pat who was with me said, "He sound like he's speaking through a bad drive-thru microphone." And that's pretty apt, because I could only decipher about a third of what Bane was saying. If Christopher Nolan wants to keep it that way because that's how it's meant to be or it adds something to the dialogue, then I could swallow that excuse. But I'm pretty sure Bane is going to give crucial information throughout the movie and if he sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown then well, sorry Mr. Nolan, but you suck. I'm just sitting there thinking why aren't the characters reacting to Bane by saying "WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU THROUGH THAT MASK!"

After the scene ended, they showed a short montage of clips from the movie and it looks every bit as badass as you might think. I'm still not sold on Catwoman - Hathaway looks like she's wearing a Halloween costume in her brief appearance. But after the lights came up I was left with so many questions. Is Bane going to break Batman's back? What's up with the blood transfusion? How the hell does one afford a military-grade cargo plane? This is just a teaser and they did a helluva job making me more anxious to see the finished project. I just hope they'll fix the audio - they have a whole seven months to do that.

Bottom line? I would say if you don't mind spoiling a bit of the fun, it's worth seeing. The IMAX is gorgeous and if you saw The Dark Knight in the format (at one of the larger, 60 ft. screens and not the rinky-dink retro-fitted screens they've employed across the county in the past couple of years) then you know what I'm talking about. Now in order to see it you're going to have to pony up some extra money for Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol and to me, that's fine - I wanted to see that movie anyway. But if you can't muster seeing Ethan Hunt run from shit and climb shit for a couple of hours then you're really not missing much - it's a good tease, but that's all it is.

July 20 cannot come any faster!

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