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I don't normally get upset that much. Debt crisis? Just another bend in the road of capitalism. Occupy Wall Street? I'd rather a ham sandwich occupy my stomach right now. Speaking of which.... hold on.

 Okay. I'm back. Ummm, The internet possibly going kaput? Well, it was a good run, guys. Let's pack it in. BUT I have very little tolerance, in fact ZERO leniency when it comes to my television shows. First it was Arrested Development and now my beloved Community is possibly on the grindstone to get axed (yes, I like mixing my metaphors). Seriously, what has the world come to when a FOURTH place network has to go to great lengths to replace a critically-acclaimed show and a loyal fanbase with an inferior product? Wake up, NBC! It's not 1998 anymore - you'll never get back Must See Thursdays, just stop trying. There's no way you'll have a blockbuster, scripted show on network TV. Everyone's migrated to cable and HBO (because we all know it's not TV, it's HBO). So you might as well enjoy the 4 or 5 million devoted fans you have now because you're never going to get them back! Occupy Greendale is much bigger than me or the show; it's about the idea that smart is better than dumb. It's about loyalty and freedom, not corporate greed and shallow laugh tracks. Deaney Vidi Vici!

My future
As newly monikered Uncle CK, I am pretty happy with the first results of me being an uncle. I think I'm going to go for that cool TV show Uncle vibe. Think about it, in possibly every show in the history of entertainment, the best characters have always been Uncles. Uncle Jesse rode a motocycle, had a great catch phrase "Have mercy," and he built his own sound studio just so he could have moments like these! There's also Uncle Scrooge who built himself a 90-foot deep room full of gold coins that he can swim through and show off to his nephews. Uncle Buck has his name as the title of the movie, 'nuff said. Uncle Ben bestowed upon the world the phrase "With great power comes great responsibility." Now that I have my role models, it's just a matter of emulating them for my nephew. When you see me rolling through the streets with my motorcycle and Aviator sunglasses, you can think to yourself, "Wow, that guy must be a great uncle to some kid." I just need to figure out my catch phrase. Too bad "Awesomesauce" is already taken.

This is not Jack, but isn't LOLcatz funny?
Sometimes I wish my cats didn't exist. Don't get me wrong, they're wonderful pets, it's just sometimes they're the opposite of that. Jack will sometimes howl like he's dying. It happens so much I've gotten used to it. If Jack was really dying, I wouldn't know for a long time. This is what happens when you cry wolf too many times. This is also the case with many other people in my life. I've learned to just shut out people in my mind. It's been happening a lot at work. Sometimes I'll just see an irritating person open up their mouth and my mind goes on autopilot. Sometimes I'll be thinking about that ham sandwich in the backroom or about that movie trailer playing - isn't that so and so from that TV show with the lady and the hat? And I blame Jack for all of this. He's a cat and he doesn't know that I blame him, but I hope that someday cats will learn the ability to discern the human language and one day stumble upon this blog entry. Although if that were to actually happen, I better make sure I get him declawed. Sometimes I'll look over and there's just something evil behind those cat eyes - like he's plotting his revenge or world domination. So if you do happen to stumble upon this future Jack, sorry! I'm just preventing you from taking over the house and installing a cat-run dystopian future! Human race, you can thank me later.

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