For Your Consideration: Kick Ass

Assessing the year's best films, according to my refined tastes and, as usual, in no particular order (except this one). These are the top 10 movies I would select on my ballot for a Best Picture Oscar nomination.

Kick-Ass (R)
Starring: Aaron Johnson, Nicolas Cage, Chloe Grace Moretz, Mark Strong
Director: Matthew Vaughn

Kick-Ass is probably the most underrated movie this year. I think a lot of people passed it off as silly nonsense with a profanity-ridden young girl as the hook. I give this movie a lot more credit than that. This is probably the most fun 2 hours you can have with a movie. Understandably, this movie is not for everyone - there is an extreme amount of violence, sex and of course, language. So if you can't stomach a little girl spilling blood and launching f-bombs, this is most definitely not the right movie for you. But for the rest of us shallow people, Kick-Ass is one of the best superhero movies I've seen. The characters are actually quite believable and real, even though some of the story is a bit fantastic (jet pack gatling guns!). But the best part of the movie is summed up in the title - it kicks ass! I could watch this movie over and over - the action is great, there's laugh-out-loud moments and it's just fun to watch. The scene where Big Daddy and Kick-Ass get captured and Hit Girl has to save them is one of the most beautiful and strangely haunting scenes I've seen in an action movie. It's a perfect blend of slow-mo, lighting, choreography and music. And the movie sets the stage for an even bigger story for the sequel (which is in the works!), which should be excellent. You can't get a better action movie than this one.

That's my top 10 for 2010! If someone had to twist my arm and get me to rank them, I'd have to put them in this order:

10. True Grit
9. Toy Story 3
8. Easy A
7. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
6. Inception
5. 127 Hours
4. The Town
3. The Social Network
2. Kick-Ass
1. Black Swan

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