For Your Consideration: Inception

Assessing the year's best films, according to my refined tastes and, as usual, in no particular order (except this one). These are the top 10 movies I would select on my ballot for a Best Picture Oscar nomination.

Inception (PG-13)
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page
Director: Christopher Nolan

This is a guaranteed best picture nominee. There was much speculation heading into the summer whether this movie could deliver and indeed it does in spades. It's got a great cast, an intriguing and mind-bending plot that requires repeat viewings and one of the best directors working in the business. But make no mistake, behind the dreams and sci-fi drama, at heart this is just a good old heist movie. Cobb (DiCaprio) assembles his team to steal an idea, or rather, implant an idea, into the mind of another man - a monumental task called inception. What most people get tied up in is that awesome fight scene in the hallway. While all that's good and pretty spectacular, there's a great story and great characters at the heart of this movie. Cobb's continual guilt over the death of his wife haunts him quite literally throughout the movie. In the words of Nicholas Angel, he "doesn't know how to switch off." Without that tragic love story, the heist probably would go off without a hitch, but there's his crazy bitch of a wife, ruining things for him like sending their target into a seemingly never ending dream limbo. Bitches be crazy. Among the standouts from the movie is Joseph Gordon-Levitt being a true badass in the movie and Thomas Hardy, the next up-and-coming movie star, who steals pretty much every scene he's in nowadays. And while I adore Michael Caine and his many impersonators, I'm kind of sick of seeing him show up in every Nolan movie. Seriously, the dude is the father of "can't-hide-my-French-accent-in-this-movie-Marion Cotillard?" You might as well have hired Rihanna as the suicidal nutter. So, aside from that obvious flaw, the movie, is umm, flawless. Yeah, that's about right, I'm pretty sure that I came up with that idea.

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