The Homestretch!

Only five weeks left to finish what I started waaay back in July of 2009! I've actually had to cut back on some of my goals in order to justify watching other movies that I really wanted to see. So instead of watching 10 westerns like I promised, I cut it back to 8. My whole tally goes something like this now:
Classics (30), Cult Classics (8), Book Adaptations (10), Foreign (8), Horror (8), Western (8), Musicals (5), Documentaries (5), Kevin Bacon (6), Maggie's Pick (1), Oscar (9), Suggestions (18), Other (66)

Whew, that's a lot! I added Oscar movies because I've been trying to make a point to watch all the best picture nominees since 2006. And out of 182 movies, I've seen 164! Granted, a big majority of those are ones I would have watched anyways, but there's at least a 100 movies I would normally not have seen in the list. I'm actually projecting to go over my total of 182, simply because there is so many movies I wanted to see anyway on top of watching the classics, etc.

I haven't been posting any reviews lately, but I promise to rectify that by writing at least two or three everyday from now on (I have about 30 to write!). It's a pretty good feeling - this blog has been more to satisfy myself than anyone and I feel like have accomplished a pretty tremendous goal already!

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