182: Some Like I t Hot

Some Like It Hot (PG) - 1959 - Runtime: 120 minutes
Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon
Director: Billy Wilder

I've been wanting to rent this movie even before I started this project. I'd always say to Maggie that I should get it (much to her annoyance - "Just get it already!"), but I was never really in the mood to watch it. This movie is considered a classic in its own right and deservedly so. It's a comedy that still stands the test of time and although not necessarily a movie that I found myself laughing out loud, but I was smiling most of the time.

Tony Curits and Jack Lemmon play Joe & Jerry, two musicians who get mixed up in gang business. Not entirely their fault, because they're wanted by the mob for witnessing a mob hit. And the only way to flee town is through a travelling all-women's band. Unfortunately that means they have to pretend they're women, too: "Joesphine" and "Daphne." It's a great set up for some wonderful comedy. I'm not entirely sure how original this movie was when it came out, but variations of this movie have been around for a long time (one of the most successful, although not involving drag, is Wedding Crashers that I can think of). The movie sets up a romantic interest in Marilyn Monroe's ditzy character, Sugar. Monroe is actually pretty good in this role - she comes off as a bombshell, but pretty innocent and ditzy at the same time. And of course, Curtis and Lemmon are fantastic as the odd couple who have to adjust to being ladies. Joe falls for Sugar and has to maintain two different roles: "Josephine" and "Junior," a wealthy millionaire who is everything Sugar desires.

There's a lot of great moments, especially with Lemmon, who seems to be fitting into his role as Daphne a bit too well. He's managed to charm the pants off (almost quite literally) a wealthy millionaire himself. There's a lot of physical comedy and I really did enjoy the movie. It's still funny and there's good payoff with all the character's and the plot. It's almost a perfect comedy except for a somewhat rushed ending where Sugar just accepts Joe as he is, despite his dubious shenanigans. If you haven't seen this classic, it's worth a rental!

Rating: Rent It!

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