182: Eleven Minutes

Eleven Minutes (PG) - 2008 - Runtime: 103 minutes
Starring: Jay McCarroll
Director: Michael Selditch, Robert Tate

I have to confess that I'm a big fan of Project Runway. It's one of the few reality shows I follow quite religiously. I don't consider myself into fashion, nor do I have a great fashion sense, but the series has always been one of the few honest competition shows. It's more about talent than anything else. There's drama, but it always takes a back seat to the fashion. And I can't help myself, I like seeing the dresses come down the runway and being able to judge the merits of the dress. So, when I heard a documentary was finally coming out on DVD that showcases PR's first season winner, Jay, I was super stoked. Maggie had already seen it on TV when it first came out, but I didn't get a chance to see it. And I think if you're at all into fashion or PR, you have to see this documentary.

The movie follows Jay's journey to showcase a collection for a runway show. It's quite amazing how much work was put into just eleven minutes that pretty much makes or breaks someone's career. There's a lot of stress in the movie and it almost seems that the directors wanted to make a villain out of certain people. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I feel like they wanted to come from a certain angle, rather than just observe. But that doesn't detract from the main event that is Jay. If you don't like McCarroll at all, then you probably won't like this movie at all. He has a perverted sense of humor which I find highly amusing - I was laughing quite a bit throughout.

And I loved the fashion - he's edgy and a bit out of control. You get the sense he's almost too weird and artsy for high fashion - but that makes it all the more reason to root for Jay. He's a real down to earth guy that doesn't care about being open and honest about his feelings. It's real fun to watch how he interacts with other professionals and what he has to say when they're out of the picture.

It's a fantastic look at how it all goes down and the brown nosing that needs to occur in order to be successful as a start up venture in fashion. I loved every minute of this documentary and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone!

Rating: Rent It!

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