182: Road to Perdition

Road to Perdition (R) - 2002 - Runtime: 117 minutes
Starring: Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jude Law, Daniel Craig
Director: Sam Mendes

This one was a suggestion by someone whom I don't fully trust their judgment on movies, so I was very hesitant to watch this one. I'll admit, gangster movies are not my cup of tea - they have to be really, really good for me to enjoy. And while the movie has a few strong points (namely the atmosphere), it was entirely a forgettable experience.

Tom Hanks plays Michael Sullivan, a lackey for a mob boss, John Rooney (Paul Newman), who treats him like a second son. When Michael's son witnesses a man being dispatched by Michael and his partner, Connor Rooney, the son of John, it sets off a chain of events that will change their lives forever. The movie starts off interesting, I was immediately drawn into the tone and atmosphere - it's no wonder this movie won an Oscar for best cinematography - it's simply a visually stunning movie. But as far as the story goes and where it leads? Eh, I found myself checking the time on the DVD player so I could get on with the rest of the day. There's very little character development - lots of stares and long looks between Michael and his son. It's all very heavy-handed and not at all interesting. It's seems like the movie is trying to force upon you the importance of the relationship between father and son. I get it! But c'mon! I don't need to hear the gangster version of Cats in the Cradle!

And as for Jude Law playing a sadistic assassin? He wasn't at all menacing and it seemed a bit odd. I never once felt afraid or feared that the Sullivan boys would end up dead. I mean, duh, that's the end of the movie if they're dead! But! You have to create a little bit of tension and fear! But this assassin felt completely flat and not at all interesting. In the end, the movie was not at all very climactic and a bit of a snooze. Lame! Sam Mendes wanted the last twenty minutes to have only around six lines of dialogue, which is fine. But, if you want to get all poetic and shit, you better have some compelling drama!

Go ahead and find the graphic novel this movie was based on - I'm sure it's ten times better! It goes without saying I will not be taking any more suggestions from this guy!

Rating: Not Worth Paying For!

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