182: The Stepfather

The Stepfather (PG-13) - 2009 - Runtime: 101 minutes
Starring: Dylan Walsh, Penn Badgley, Amber Heard
Director: Nelson McCormick

Sigh. I feel like I've hit a batch of bad movies lately. And this one is no different. I don't even want to spend time on it because it's so dull and not very scary. There wasn't any "gotcha" moments that made me jump, either.

Dylan Walsh is a guy who wants the perfect family. And if that perfect family doesn't live up to his expectations - he murders them. And that's where the story starts and pretty much ends. There's a lot of painful dialogue and less-than-thrilling moments in between, but it's not worth sitting through. In fact, if you're a fan of Amber Heard, I don't even know if watching the other ninety minutes of this movie is worth it. I mean - she's in a bikini or underwear in almost every scene. It's pretty apparent what the director thought of her acting ability (or what the producers thought of her body). Either way, it's a pretty tedious and implausible movie. I mean the characters should be killed (especially the mother) because they're too dumb to notice how insanely creepy and weird their soon-to-be stepfather is.

I will admit I had fun watching this movie because Maggie and I could make fun of it. Plus it was free and so I don't feel like I wasted any money on this joke. What I do hear is that the original Stepfather movie from 1987 (featuring Terry O'Quinn, everyone's favorite Lostie) is absolutely a great thriller. So pick up the original rather than sit through this dull snoozer.

Rating: Avoid Like the Plague

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