182: When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally (R) - 1989 - Runtime: 96 minutes
Starring: Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan
Director: Rob Reiner

I sometimes forget how much I like an actor or actress and then I'm reminded by watching something they did that I've never seen before. Case in point: Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally. Yes! I have never seen this one before! But no doubt Crystal is at the top of his comedic game in this movie. He's perfect as the no-nonsense, open and somewhat honest Harry. Who happens to befriend Sally and thus a beautiful friendship begins and possibly more.

Okay, so I was expecting greatness and this movie pretty much delivered. I mean, it is a cult classic for a reason and it's ultimately a really funny movie about love and friends. I don't think the movie has lost any edge or relevance over the past twenty years, so kudos to Nora Ephron, the writer behind the witty dialogue and wonderful characters. I mean, there's not much to say about this movie except if you haven't seen it - it's definitely one of the pinnacle romantic comedies of all time - a must-see. The diner fake orgasm scene is still hilarious even after I've seen it about a dozen times.

So to those who were like me and have not seen this movie - seek it out! It's worth your time and definitely worthy of repeat viewing!

Rating: Own It!

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