182: Management

Management (PG-13) - 2009 - Runtime: 94 minutes
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Steve Zahn, Woody Harrelson
Director: Stephen Belber

This has been on my radar for a while and when we got a DVD screener for the movie, I immediately took it home. I really like Steve Zahn - he's always doing something interesting, so I knew I might enjoy this movie.

After watching it, I'm still not sure if I merely just like the movie or if I love it. It's definitely worth renting and checking out. It's not a very typical romantic comedy. It's not overtly funny, but it's not quite as serious, either. It's a quirky little movie.

Steve Zahn plays Mike, a socially inept hotel manager who decides to try and flirt with Jennifer Aniston's Sue, who definitely uglies up for this role. Pant suits, bad hair and all. I feel like she's always trying to distance herself from Rachel, the role that made her famous. But she's just fine in this movie as someone who doesn't really know how to make herself happy. She's a traveling salesman, which reminds me of a joke, and has a chance encounter with Mike and there is a connection, but one she's intent on not following up on.

After Sue leaves, Mike decides to follow her and follow up himself. One could argue that Mike becomes a little too stalkerish, but he's not doing any harm and besides, it's not like he's doing anything that most other movies don't resort to. So I didn't have a problem with it and the story moves quickly and the ending is satisfying. Like I said, it's a quirky movie, but full of heart. I will say, Zahn is quite hilarious as the naive and slightly zany Mike. He just has a dumb grin on his face sometimes in this movie that made me laugh.

The DVD comes out on the 29th, so check it out if you're looking for something whimsical and nice.

Rating: Rent It!

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