182: 17 Again

17 Again (PG-13) - 2009 - Runtime: 102 minutes
Starring: Zac Efron, Leslie Mann, Thomas Lennon, Matthew Perry
Director: Burr Steers

I will admit I was excited to watch this movie. Not necessarily because of Zac Efron (who is dreamy, BTW), but mainly because I do get a kick out of teen comedies and body switch plots. Most of them tend to be decent (Hot Chick), if not great (Big).

The movie is all too familiar: Mike O'Donnell spent his whole life complaining about his life and thus gets a chance to do it all over again when a crazy janitor (much like Clarence in It's a Wonderful Life) takes Mike on a redemptive path to realize how great his life really is. In 1989, Mike's life changed when his girlfriend, and love of his life, gets pregnant. Instead of going off to college and becoming a basketball superstar, Mike gets thrust into family life right after high school.

I was a little wary when during the first scene, we learn that Mike is a stud high school basketball star and proceeds to dance with the cheerleaders before the game. Is this High School Musical? Not much of stretch for Efron, but the movie found itself after the first 15 minutes and I enjoyed the ride. Although the movie is a bit formulaic, that doesn't detract from the fact that the movie is funny and a little bit heartwarming. Yeah, you know what's going to happen, but there's some good jokes and Efron really is a charmer - that kid's going places. But I really thought Thomas Lennon (of Mtv's The State and Reno 911! fame) stole every scene as Mike's geektastic and superwealthy friend.

There's not much to say about this movie except that it's a solid, well-made comedy that pretty much anyone can enjoy. Definitely check this one out when it comes out on August 4!

Rating: Rent It!

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