I Think A Plane Crashed Here

It's tough being all alone. Some people like it. I don't think I do. My fiance left to start her new job in Detroit, leaving me behind with the cats. Yeah, that sounds fun (3 full weeks of freedom!), but it's not. I had fantasies of crazy-ass parties every night with booze, strippers, limbo, booze and midgets. But instead I watch a movie every night and talk about it to the cats (not with the cats, because once I start to think the cats are actually talking back, that's when shit's gonna get real crazy), since there's no one else around. I'm now officially the cat guy and I need something to do. But I actually got out today and played some disc golf (damn course. Last time I played I got a -6, but today I finished with a +2. If that doesn't make any sense to you, it's okay, you're just not that cool. But I hate that feeling because now I've set a level of performance that I'll never ever obtain again simply because I'm not that good. I think I threw out my arm - even typing hurts. I'm such a wuss. So I need to surround myself with even more worthless players than myself - I'll invite my fiance next time. Mag - I love you, but ya know...it's just...well, I've dug myself a hole I'm never getting out of. Sure I could delete it, but I'm lazy).

I also did one of the most heartbreaking things in the world today. I gave up my van. White
Chocolate. I miss her, she was one in a million. The best thing about White Chocolate was that it could hold 10 people comfortably. That made for some good parties. The best was the night I was going to propose to Maggie, we had a keg in White Chocolate and she spilled beer all over me. It was so cold that night and I had hard nips the rest of the evening, but I still proposed, beer soaked and hard nips weren't enough between me and my love.

We BBQ'd on the JAYwalk (the main sidewalk through campus) with White Chocolate and I've definitely driven through the residence halls' lawns with it, trying to find some shortcuts while doing scavenger hunts. Another good thing about White Chocolate was the back bench that folds out into a bed. I've never really slept in there, but one of my brothers, who had locked himself out of the house found it nice and cozy in there (he didn't see the blanket and pillow I had in there, so I'm sure he wasn't as comfortable as possible. And I'm sure he took some homeless guy's spot for the night, because I never locked that damn thing. I didn't need to - who would think that there was anything valuable in there?)

Although my first van, Brown Sugar (which I've yet to find a good picture of - but this picture of it inside has a good story. Notice the confederate flag in the background? Well, I used to be a redneck...sort of. I had received that flag as a will from one of the brothers and as a joke, hung it up in my van because it fit the whole "crazy hillbilly with a gun rack and shitty van" vibe I was going with while driving Brown Sugar. Until one time I gave a friend of mine a ride home, not realizing that he was black and he might get offended. He was speechless the whole ride. And then he told me I'd better take that down. Being a racist hillbilly for a while was pretty intriguing, but not something I'd want to keep doing, so I took the flag down and used it to fix my radiator leak by tying it around the hose. It worked real good. I think that's the real purpose of those flags) was my true pride and joy. I was literally in tears when I took everything out of it so that it was ready to go get smashed - I had donated it for our Smash-A-Thon; take a whack at the windshield for $30 or break the tail lights for $10. I didn't go to the event, simply because I would probably have thrown myself in front of the baseball bat/golf club eventually and shout "Why!?!?!? Don't you see she's a beautiful thing? She never meant you any harm! I hate you all!" and go running awkwardly back home, clutching the fuzzy dice I took out of it moments before and sobbing uncontrollably. But I had good times with Brown Sugar, simply because I took it home for the summer and we used that vehicle to steal A LOT of stuff. Cement Mickey Mouse's, front porch geese ornaments, lawn gnomes, family signs. And we would drive through the school's backyard to get away from some cops. At one point my friend had a police radio and he heard my name and my van go through, so I kept quiet for a while. Then we would go shoot my potato gun out of the van at random objects/buildings. Sigh.... I wish I was still in college.

But I believe White Chocolate is in good hands. He's a brother of my fraternity and I'm sure he'll get into a lot of mischief back home. I just hope he steals a goose from some old lady's yard and brings it to my wedding as a gift.

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